A Plea

I normally wouldn’t post anything like this, but I’m starting to get desperate and thought maybe this would be a good place to look for advice. Here’s my story; I’ll try to keep it brief. I moved to Spain in February to live (and marry) my Spanish girlfriend. We made plans to marry six months before I moved here in the hopes that we could plan everything out far in advance. We planned on a simple civil agreement to be signed at the ayuntamiento where she had lived with her parents and we then planned to have a ceremony celebrating our marriage in July. We went to the ayuntamiento in February with what we thought was all the required paperwork, only to find we were lacking one important document as well as an official seal on my birth certificate certifying I was in fact born in the United States. After shipping my birth certificate back home and making an appointment at the United States Embassy to obtain the other document, we held out hopes that soon things would be resolved and we could sign the paperwork. Weeks past only for us to find out our application had been denied due to “inconsistencies” in forms she and I had filled out separately. Despite all of our efforts, the judge was unwilling to accept our application as a legitimate marriage. After some begging and pleading, we were told that if we could produce proof of our intended wedding ceremony in July as well as some form of documentation from the hospital that I had gone with my girlfriend for her pregnancy appointments (yes, she is pregnant) we could resolve the issue once and for all. The hospital has never heard of such a thing and has no idea what to provide us with as far as documentation is concerned. Well, the same judge has since gone back on his agreement, saying proof of a ceremony is not enough, and without something from the hospital, we will once again be denied. I am fairly certain at this point, what he is requiring is not even legal and he is simply having us jump through hoops for no reason. I hate to do this, but does anyone have any idea or advice for what we could possibly do in this situation? Unfortunately, until we can legally be married, I am prohibited from having a job and this is causing quite a bit of stress for the two of us. Any thoughts, opinions, or advice are greatly appreciated.



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